Monday, September 22, 2014

Dine' Roberto Nutlouis Photos: Peoples Climate March

Photos by Roberto Nutlouis, Dine' from Pinon, Arizona, Peoples Climate March, New York 2014

Photos Mohawks at Peoples Climate March

Photos by Cynthia Treis, thank you!
Peoples Climate March New York 2014

Resist Colonization: World Conference is not the Voice of Grassroots Indigenous Peoples

Reminder - The High Level Plenary Meeting (that is not a World Conference on indigenous Peoples) at the UN, begins in the morning

By Glenn Morris
Censored News

Hello, all,
I am sending this reminder to folks in Denver, that the HLPM begins in the morning. The pomp and circumstance of the opening session begins at 6:30 am, Denver time. The UN is scheduled to webcast the meeting at this url: We will be watching the proceedings all day in the Political Science library on the 3rd floor of the new Academic Building. The Fourth World Center will also be open for any of your academic or research needs. Any of you who will be joining us to watch and comment on the proceedings should download the final Outcome Document, which can be found on the HLPM/WCIP website at: The program is here: The Tuesday session is only on the afternoon: 1-4 pm, Denver time. We will be viewing that session, also.

I am including people who are not in Denver on this message because my hope is that we can all share our critical comments about the session via Twitter. The Fourth World Center handle is @4thWorld Center, and my personal handle is: @gtm303. The official HLPM handle is @WCIP2014, #WCIP2014. We have developed a critical hashtag: #WCIP2014sham, that we can use for providing critical commentary. Once again, I've never been on Twitter before, so, If I can do it, anyone can. I look forward to seeing you all in the Twitter world. 

To reiterate, the point of our observing and critiquing the HLPM is not to engage in an exercise of masochism -- wallowing in what we all know will be a negative outcome. Rather, it is to provide a record of resistance to this process that many of us have vocally critiqued as another attempt to finalize the colonization, domestication and total domination of our peoples and our homelands. It is also for those of us who have been in this struggle for some time to provide spiritual grounding, history and analysis for younger people to continue our resistance to invasion and colonization. While it might be dis-spiriting to see a number of other indigenous individuals collaborating in the HLPM process, we should take strength and courage in the knowledge that many of us remain in active resistance, and will continue to organize, mobilize and continue the struggle beyond the Kabuki theatre that will play out over the next two days in New York.
In Struggle,

Monday 22 September
9am-1pm – Opening Plenary Meeting
3-6pm – Roundtable 1: United Nations system action to implement the rights of Indigenous peoples
3-6pm – Roundtable 2: Implementation of the rights of Indigenous peoples at the national and local level
Tuesday 23 September
3-5pm – Roundtable 3: Indigenous peoples’ lands, territories and resources
3-5pm – Panel Discussion: Indigenous priorities for the post-2015 sustainable development agenda
5-6pm – Closing Plenary Meeting

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Zapatistas Más allá de la compartición (Beyond Sharing)

Zapatistas Subcomandante Moises

Beyond Sharing

Subcomandante Moises speaks on sharing -- outside the arena of politicians, exploiters and capitalism. The upcoming time of global sharing is on Dec 22, 2014 -- Jan. 3, 2015


Editorial 3. Más allá de la compartición

Más allá de la compartición
La compartición es algo más allá.
Compañeras y compañeros de la Sexta de México y del mundo.
Para nosotras y nosotros la compartición fue un darnos las manos, un vernos de cómo estamos y qué pensamos.
Un conocernos las y los que somos de abajo y originarios de estas tierras.
No representantes, no líderes, nosotras y nosotros de las bases de los pueblos, naciones y tribus, las y los que no habíamos tenido la oportunidad de darnos las manos y conocernos y tocarnos nuestros corazones desde hace más de 520 años.
En La Realidad, Caracol de los zapatistas, se hizo realidad nuestra convivencia de indígenas originarios, se hizo realidad lo de cruzar las palabras de unos y otros, de unas y otras
Cuando hablamos nosotras y nosotros y no líderes, nos entendemos las bases, nos comprendemos, nos sentimos en lo común.
Y no es otra cosa lo que nos hace que nos entendemos tan pronto, es por la vida en que nos está pasando, de la vida tan mala que vivimos, ya no solamente nosotras y nosotros estamos ya así, sino también los hombres ciudadanos pobres y las mujeres ciudadanas pobres.
Nos platicamos cómo nos tienen el capitalismo y por qué así nos tienen, y qué es lo que va a pasar de nosotras y nosotros, si vamos a seguir estando como nos tienen los capitalistas.