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Remembering Margene Bullcreek: The Goshute's Nerve Gas Neighbors

When Margene Bullcreek stood up to halt the nuclear dump on Skull Valley, her efforts led to new exposures of the nerve gas neighbors next door
By Brenda Norrell
The passing of Margene Bullcreek, Goshute Shoshone, reminds us of the need to record the stories for future generations. Margene Bullcreek led the fight which halted the nuclear dump on Skull Valley Goshute land in Utah. As this fight was underway in 2005, it led to the exposure of the Goshute's nerve gas neighbors next door, the US Army.
By standing up to halt the desecration and contamination, Margene Bullcreek's efforts led to the following article, which I wrote in 2005. In memory of Margene, who passed to the Spirit World on Sunday, I'm reposting this article here as a reminder of the need to share the stories, to record the words for future generations, and as an example of the ripple effect of standing up for truth.
When the Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved the license for a nuclear storage facility on Skull Valley Goshute tribal land, it prompted new questions about the federal government’s use of the area as a U.S. Army test site for biological and chemical weapons, including nerve gas and anthrax.
From 2005:
Margene Bullcreek, Skull Valley Goshute tribal member and among those protesting nuclear and toxic dumping on Indian lands, said it is time for the government to stop dumping its nuclear waste on Indian people and stop treating them as if they are expendable.
“There is no gain to our prosperity when there is poison spilled. The radioactive waste would bring harm to our medicine wheel in four areas: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual,” said Bullcreek, founder of the community group Ohngo Gaudadeh Devia Awareness.




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MNN. Mar. 3, 2015. The incident in Moscow that killed Boris Nemstov reminds us of the events of one hundred years ago. Archduke Franz Ferdinand of the Hapsburg Dynasty was heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne. They occupied Serbia which had always been a part of the Russian Federation. On June 28, 1914 Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were on their way to visit a hospital in Sarajevo. A young Serb shot and killed them. One month later Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. The Serbs called Mother Russia for help. Tsar Nicholas arrived, killed 300,000 Austro-Hungarians and World War I began.   Russian_bear
Events were set in motion that led to a war between Germany and her allies and Russia and its Western allies.
Throughout history, Russia, as the mother of Christianity, has constantly been attacked by the same Vatican Khazarian forces. She is continually being called upon to defend her offspring from the forces of the West that are anxious to exploit every inch of the lands they occupy.
"Hey! We only wanted one cub [at first]!"
“Hey! We only wanted one cub [at first]!”
On February 28, 2015, Nazi Opposition critic in Russia, Boris Nemtsov, was killed. The West instantly blamed his death on Russian President Putin. Like the many current “suicided” bankers, dead men don’t tell lies. Nazi corporatist, Nemtsov, signed up for such an eventuality of being sacrificed on the alter to the gods of corporate war. Those who know the history have always seen the Russians defend themselves and their families.
The Warmongering Harper government pretends to represent the people of Canada. Canadians only want peace. The Ongwe’hon:weh great law of peace is being breeched. Canada has joined the U.S., Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Japan in economic sanctions and expulsions of Russian diplomats. Fighter jets, a naval frigate and military officers have been deployed to train Eastern Europe NATO allies to intimidate and eventually attack Russia.
We Ongwe’hon:weh continue to offer the key to replacing corporatism and war with peace, Teiohateh/Two Row. Get rid of the 51% corporate matrix dictating to 49% so war never ends. When the colonial settlers invaded Ono’ware:geh/Great Turtle Island, we did not take sides. Their greed has no part in the Peace here.
We're to lay low while they fight it out!
We’re to lay low while they fight it out!
The good people of Russia remind us of Howlin Wolf’s “Little Red Rooster”: “Oh, the dogs begin to bark now. The hounds begin to howl. Watch out, stray cat people, Little Red Rooster’s on the prowl”.
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Goshute Shoshone Hero Margene Bullcreek Passes to Spirit World

In Memoriam by Ian Zabarte, Western Shoshone

Also see: 'Remembering Margene Bullcreek: Goshute's Nerve Gas Neighbors' by Brenda Norrell, Censored News: http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2015/03/remembering-margene-bullcreek-goshutes.html

Video: Margene Bullcreek and Native Icons of the Environmental Movement


Originally posted on April 6, 2010, it is reposted today in Memory of Margene Bullcreek
Margene Bullcreek, Goshute, points out Indian Nations continue to be targeted with nuclear waste dumping. “We’ve been targeted with environmental racism and genocide long enough.”

Video by Seventh Generation Fund
Article by Brenda Norrell, Censored News
Listen and watch the Native American environmental movement icons of this era!

ACOMA PUEBLO, N.M. During the 7th Annual Uranium Summit in 2009, Norman Patrick Brown, Navajo, said there’s over 1,000 radioactive tailings sites today on the Navajo Nation. “How does one heal a land, how does one heal a person's DNA? How does one reclaim a sacred site?”
John Redhouse, among the Navajos who led the movement to halt the destruction, describes how Navajos suffered without compensation.
Louise Benally, Navajo from Big Mountain, father tells how her father died of leukemia after working in the uranium industry. “It took someone that I dearly loved away from me.”
Manny Pino, Acoma Pueblo, describes how some Acoma and Laguna never earned a cent from the uranium industry, but they suffered.
Charmaine White Face, Lakota, describes the uranium contamination in Lakotas water.
Today, the uranium mining industry has once again targeted this same areas of the Navajo Nation and Dakotas, and elsewhere in Indian country.
Margene Bullcreek, Goshute, points out Indian Nations continue to be targeted with nuclear waste dumping. “We’ve been targeted with environmental racism and genocide long enough.”

Listen to these defenders of the earth and more on this video.
Video by Seventh Generation Fund http://www.7genfund.org/
Watch on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXpCr66Nw5I

AIM Wounded Knee Liberation Day 2015: Photos by Carla Lisa Cheyenne

Wounded Knee Liberation Day 2015

AIM Grassroots 2015 royalty 
(Top Photo) Miss AIM Grassroots: Mahli Shey (granddaughter of Renee and Larry HandBoy)
Miss Liberation: Katie Underwood granddaughter of (Clifford Black Elk and daughter of Tara Black Elk) Aim Grassroots AIM warrior: Wicahpi Rowland from the Fire Lightening Tiyospaye
(Above) Candlelight vigil at White Clay


Photos copyright Carla Lisa Cheyenne.
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'Crying Earth Rise Up' Premiere Packed at Sedona Film Festival

“Crying Earth Rise Up” Premiere at the International Sedona Film Festival
Article and photos by Natalie Hand
Lakota Media Project/Owe Aku
Censored News
SEDONA, Ariz. -- The emotionally charged documentary “Crying Earth Rise Up” was showcased to a full house at this week’s Sedona International Film Festival.
Filmmaker Suree Towfighnia and film editor Sharon Karp were on hand for the screening. “This is the fourth screening of the film. We literally finished production just last week. So I feel a sense of relief and accomplishment,” stated Towfighnia.
The film focuses on two Oglala Lakota women on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Elisha Yellow Thunder, a young mother with a daughter, Laila, who was born with cloacal abnormalities that causes internal organs to be connected. Laila’s only functioning kidney fails at age 8. Elisha’s quest to determine the cause of her daughter’s birth defects leads her to the water on her homeland. Majoring in geology, she is mentored by Dr. Hannan LaGarry, a geology professor and author of 5 year study on hydrology the Oglala aquifer. Yellow Thunder describes LaGarry as her mentor who teaches her to study water and uranium outcroppings on her homeland as a possible cause of the high number of birth defects/stillborn babies on Pine Ridge. “My little girl’s story is too big not to tell,” stated Yellow Thunder.
Filmmaker Suree Towfighnia,  daughter, Debra White Plume, film editor
Sharon Karp, and Elisha Yellow Thunder
Water brought Elisha together with Debra White Plume, a frontline activist who is challenging Canadian mining giant Cameo, who operates the Crow Butte uranium mine near Crawford, Nebraska, near the Pine Ridge reservation. White Plume filed an intervention opposing Cameo’s 10 year renewal license and application to expand their mining operation in December of 2007. She is the only individual intervener in this case against Cameo. In the film, White Plume attributes the in-situ leach mining operation at Crown Butte for contaminating the aquifer that flows under her homeland. Dr. La Garry serves at the expert witness in White Plume’s defense.
“This work is about protecting precious water, for all of us, for Mother Earth and our coming generations. This film will help tell our truth to the world, all over the world water is in shortage, there are droughts or floods, or water is so contaminated it cannot be ingested by humans. We tell our truth based on our love of our generations, stated White Plume to a standing ovation.
This is Towfighnia’s second production that features Oglala Lakota activist Debra White Plume. Her first collaboration with White Plume was a pro-hemp film entitled “Standing Silent Nation”.
The film is scheduled to screen in Portland, Oregon; Sante Fe, New Mexico; California; Nebraska; Navajo Nation and other venues.
For more information or to host a screening, visit “Crying Earth Rise Up” on Facebook.

Janine Yazzie, Dine', Six World Solutions initiative, Deb and 
Louise Benally, Dine' anti-mining activist. 
Deb with Klee Benally, singer and filmmaker.

Earthcycles at work on new Crow Voices Radio FM antenna

Video: Native youths at summer camp doing radio for Crow Voices at Center Pole

Grassroots Crow at Center Pole on Crow Nation creating new FM station
By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Govinda of Earthcycles is at Center Pole on the Crow Nation, in southeastern Montana, today setting up a new antennae upgrade for the new Crow Voices Radio's 91.1 LPFM.
While the low today is 5 degrees, Govinda said, "It's a bit chilly, actually quite cold."
Center Pole founder Peggy Wellknown Buffalo, Crow, was honored by the Dalai Lama with an Unsung Heroes of Compassion Award in 2014.
Govinda assisted Center Pole in creating a grassroots radio station which has been broadcasting locally and online. Center Pole has now received a low-power FM license.
Learn more about Center Pole at the website: http://www.thecenterpole.org/

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